Other Services

Stockings & Support Tights

We supply all types of surgical stockings, support tights and will have them made to measure where necessary.

Special Dietary Requirements: We stock a wide range of vitamins and minerals. We can also provide gluten-free and other special foods and medicines.

First Aid Equipment: We stock a variety of first aid kits, for use in the home, when travelling or in the workplace.

Ostomy & Incontinence Products: We can order a range of ostomy and incontinence products. These products do come in a number of sizes and fittings, so please ask for more information about how we can meet your needs.

Residential & Nursing Homes: We can provide a pharmacy service to residential and nursing homes in the area. This includes delivery of medicines and advice on using, storing, and disposing of them safely. We keep medication records and can supply a monitored dosage system that helps ensure the medicines are taken at the correct time. These are all chargeable services as of the 1st January 2020

Pregnancy Tests & Ovulation Kits: We stock a range of home testing kits for ovulation and pregnancy confirmation. Please ask for more information.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

We have a private consultation room for personal or sensitive enquiries

We Carry out Public health campaigns on behalf of NHS England

Multilingual staff on site

Seasonal flu vaccination service free for at risk groups on the NHS

Private seasonal flu vaccination service for a fee (please enquire at pharmacy for stock availability)

Chlamydia screening and treatment

Emergency Contraception: Emergency contraception is available in this pharmacy

Travel & Holiday Advice: We can help you to plan any trip or holiday, regardless of the destination. Whether you require sun preparations and travel sickness tablets, or advice about vaccinations and malaria tablets, our Pharmacist will be happy to help you with all your holiday and travel plans.

Please also see WWW.NHS.UK then find a pharmacy, enter our postcode BS8 2XU. Once on our NHS pharmacy page you can see all our NHS information