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Natural products for health and vitality, tailored to the needs of every individual – this is the philosophy behind Weleda’s natural cosmetics and holistic skin care. Since the company’s beginning over 90 years ago, Weleda has worked to strengthen the balance of body, mind and spirit with its products. In other words, we want you to be well – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our skin is not just our largest sensory organ – it’s the page on which our life story is written. Through skin we feel and perceive the world outside, and we also show our beauty in the way our skin appears. Outward appearance reflects each individual’s age, life energy, emotional balance and mental health. Intense stimulation, stress, nervousness or hormonal fluctuations result in our skin becoming sensitive as the whole organism loses its natural balance.

It’s the purpose of Weleda’s natural cosmetics to promote general well-being. For you to remain fit and healthy it’s vital that you feel, quite literally, good in your skin. It’s absolutely central to our Body Care concept that our products should strengthen the skin’s own strengths and abilities, not replace them or mask weaknesses.

Our understanding of the harmonious connection between mankind and nature makes Weleda’s care products unique. When you use a Weleda product you can see, smell and feel this for yourself. Our natural ingredients give targeted support to your body’s own natural processes, boosting internal balance. They enhance your body’s ability to nurture and heal, to help itself. By selectively supporting self-healing and regeneration the defences are strengthened and the disturbed equilibrium is brought into balance. So we promote the vitality of the skin, rather than simply replacing what it lacks.

We make our natural products with the utmost care and passion. It starts with the anthroposophical and scientific knowledge which helps us to select the leadplant in each range, goes on with the selection of raw materials carefully grown according to bio-dynamic principles, and continues with the painstaking preparation of recipes and formulations. Everything we do is governed by the principles of care, understanding of interactions and respect for nature. Our production processes are gentle, sustainable and constantly reviewed for improvement.

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